Editorial Calendar

Calling all experts, executives, analysts, and everyone else to write Guest Columns for HL7Standards

We want to learn from you!

We will be accepting Guest Columns for the following topics each month. Topics will be updated regularly.

August 2015
Optimizing EHR implementations

September 2015
Enterprise in the cloud

October 2015

November 2015
Vendor collaboratives

December 2015
Improving the health IT vendor selection process

How will we publish Guest Columns?

Most Guest Columns we receive will be published on the weekends. Why? Posts that we publish on the weekends tend to receive more traffic than our weekday posts. Plus, our readers tend to have more time on Saturdays and Sundays to kick their feet up and spend quality time appreciating the deep thoughts we hope our Guest Columns will provide.

What are our editorial guidelines? We ask that guest authors follow these simple rules:

  1. Say something unique or new. We don’t expect you to pen a manifesto that sends shockwaves throughout the industry, but please try to offer our readers new ideas and perspectives to consider. All content must be new and original (not published elsewhere).
  2. No advertorials – say something even your competitors will appreciate. If you want to talk about what problems your product solves and why that problem needs to be solved, let your insights and knowledge do the talking for your product. Please refrain from marketing specific products. Columns that are too product specific (i.e., “My company offers these great services”) will be returned for edits.

That’s it! Please use the handy form below to submit your Guest Column. Deadline for each weekend’s Guest Columns is 3 p.m. each Friday.

You can also use the following form to ask Chad Johnson any additional questions about the process.

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