Patient Engagement eBook

Leonard Kish eBook

We are proud to present Leonard Kish’s first eBook titled, “Patient Engagement is a Strategy, Not a Tool. How healthcare organizations can build true patient relationships that last a lifetime.”

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This eBook explores the following patient engagement topics:

  • What Is Patient Engagement?
  • The Quest for Attention
  • From Technology to Motivation
  • The Rise of Contextual Medicine
  • Aligning Goals with Effective Messaging
  • Alignment Through Social Strategy
  • Establish a Patient Engagement Strategy

Author Background

Leonard Kish is a long-time contributor to who writes about patient engagement topics as they relate to healthcare technology, the government’s Meaningful Use requirements, and how proven behavior economic models should be considered by healthcare organizations and companies focused on developing patient-facing technology.

Leonard has been quoted in Forbes, Health Affairs and other publications for his views on patient and consumer engagement. In 2013, author Eric Topol, MD, highlighted Leonard’s article The Blockbuster Drug of the Century: An Engaged Patient during his keynote presentation at the annual HIMSS conference.

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