[#HITsm Chat, 8.28.15] Health Data and Information Governance

Moderated by Erin Head, Director of Health Information Management at Parrish Medical Center

Topic:  Crowdsourcing Patient Experience on Social Media

Chats are held at 11 a.m, CST, every Friday.



Chat Topics

Topic 1: Do you think there is a difference between #InformationGovernance and #DataGovernance in healthcare? Why or why not?

Suggested reading: http://www.hospitalemrandehr.com/2015/08/19/whats-information-governance-and-why-does-it-matter-in-healthcare/

Topic 2: Who do you see as the proper owner(s) of #InformationGovernance in an organization and why?

Topic 3: Of the #InformationGovernance drivers listed, which do you think are the most important and why? Which drivers are missing?


Drivers of IG:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Improve patient safety/patient care
  • Need to manage and contain costs
  • Need for clinical, quality, and/or business analytics
  • Changing payment environment
  • Need for increased standardization
  • Need to integrate and/or improve systems and technologies
  • New care delivery models (population health management)
  • Lack of trust or confidence in data

Topic 4: How do you see #InformationGovernance affecting Population Health? What technologies are involved?

Suggested reading: http://ihealthtran.com/wordpress/2015/03/interview-with-dr-joe-kimura-deputy-chief-medical-officer-at-atrius-health/

Topic 5: What do you think the data risks are for an organization without a formal #InformationGovernance framework?

For those not familiar with #HITsm TweetChats, #HITsm is an acronym for “healthcare IT social media” and we focus on current topics that are influencing healthcare technology, health IT, and the use of social media in healthcare. View a list of future chat moderators on the #HITsm page.

Chats are held at 11 a.m, CST, every Friday.


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