[#HITsm Chat, 9.11.15] Patient Matching Initiative

Moderated by John Trader, Director of Communications at RightPatient

Topic: Patient Matching Initiative 

Chats are held at 11 a.m, CST, every Friday.


The subject of achieving accurate patient identification in healthcare was recently thrust into the national spotlight through CHIME’s national patient ID challenge to discover an innovative solution to patient matching. Healthcare digitization, the push to achieve system wide interoperability, and the continued effort to reduce unnecessary medical errors to keep patients safe along the care continuum are key reasons behind CHIME’s patient identification challenge to help advance this critical initiative.

The lack of a clear strategy on accurate, holistic patient matching is perhaps one of the most challenging and complex issues facing the healthcare industry in the wake of addressing several new touchpoints that have manifested over the past few years – think patient portals, mHealth apps, telemedicine, and kiosks – combined with the urgency to achieve system wide interoperability to ensure optimal outcomes. Sprinkle in a lack of industry standards, fragmented healthcare data among disparate providers, and the pressing need to ensure high levels of patient data integrity and the importance of achieving accurate patient identification to achieve optimal outcomes is clear.

Join us this Friday, September the 11th for a HITsm chat on patient matching as we discuss the significance of CHIME’s national patient ID challenge, whether true interoperability can be achieved in the absence of accurate patient identification, the increasing role of the patient to ensure the accuracy of their PHI, why new patient touchpoints make the issue of accurate patient identification much more complex, and more!

Chat Topics

Topic 1: Establishing a national patient identifier continues to be a hot debate – will it ever materialize? Are there tangible benefits to a national patient identifier?

Topic 2: Will @CIOChime’s national patient ID challenge eradicate the burdens of matching patient data and bring us closer to establishing higher data integrity, reducing medical errors, and improving care?

Topic 3: Will true healthcare interoperability ever be realized in the absence of fixing the problem of inaccurate patient ID?

Topic 4: Do patients now have an inherently larger role to ensure the accuracy of their medical records?

Topic 5: Does the explosion of mobile devices, telehealth, and mhealth tools raise the urgency level for healthcare providers to implement stronger patient ID technology?

Topic 6: What new patient identification technologies show promise to help improve patient matching and interoperability?

For those not familiar with #HITsm TweetChats, #HITsm is an acronym for “healthcare IT social media” and we focus on current topics that are influencing healthcare technology, health IT, and the use of social media in healthcare. View a list of future chat moderators on the #HITsm page.

Chats are held at 11 a.m, CST, every Friday.

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